What Does Happen Without Peace In The World?

Peace Tolerance

Every day people are confronted with absurd headlines. Almost every day you hear the news about many people dying in a conflict or terror attack. The world is not a peaceful place to live anymore. People are afraid of the war. They know it takes blood and destroys everything.

But on the other hand, they prepare for it. There are deadliest weapons the man has created that can destroy everything within a few seconds. In simple words, people seem to care a little about what is happening around them. Lack of tolerance has led society to conflicts and wars.

Why there is no peace?

When there are two individuals, there will be disagreement. Lack of tolerance has created problems. The world has become a global village, and people are living close to each other in a big family. The man has become more isolated and lonely. The man considers himself the best. People don’t trust each other. Despite the fact, the world has become more crowded people don’t get along with others. Lack of tolerance, understanding, and sincerity has created conflicts that lead to violence. Peace and tolerance seem to become a dream now.

What will happen without peace?

You can’t live in a world where there is no peace at all. You are aware of the world situation these days. There is a war going on in many disputed territories. Imagine you live in a place where there is shelling, bullets and human flesh everywhere. High level of crime and war affect millions of people today. Conflicts and violence destroy communities.  There will be no economic or social development when there is no peace in the country.

When people are dying in the war and the country is not stable economically how can it work on the infrastructure, education, health, and other projects? In short, war only causes destruction. The world can be a better place to live in when there will be peace.

What will peace do to society?

Effective governance, peace, and stability are what a country needs for development. When there are no conflicts, there will be no violence. Violence destroys peace in society. If a state wants to overcome it, people need to be patient and tolerant. When men stop considering themselves better, then the things can be controlled. All the problems arise when a man thinks himself superior and wants others to agree with what he does or says completely. It is highly essential for everyone to respect individual opinions. If someone disagrees with your thoughts, there is no need to indulge in violence.

Let the better sense prevail. If peace prevails in society, the economy develops. It is highly essential to improve the laws to let peace prevail in the country. When people fear justice, they do not involve in matters that can cost them their life or anything they own. When the masses follow the rules and regulations of a country, the conflicts don’t arise. People are more tolerant of each other, then having a better and happier way of living will not that difficult.

So, begin with finding peace within yourself. No matter how tense in your personal or work life you are, you are not supposed to take your aggression out on others. If someone needs your help, then go ahead. Don’t think much before helping others. You can leave good examples for others. If someone is doing something wrong, then you should stop him/her. But never indulge in violence. Nothing is worse than taking pictures of a person on trouble rather than helping him out.